New Moon in Leo

“The creative mind plays with the object it loves.” Carl Jung

The Moon waxes new Tuesday August 2 at 4:44 pm EDT. The Sun and the Moon are at 10 degrees of Leo making this a good time for re-creation (getting in touch with a renewed sense of self) through fun, romance and creativity. It is a good time to play and to -like a child – be open and curious about what opportunities may lie ahead.

The Sun and Moon are supporting new or evolved intentions and ideas with a stabilizing trine to Saturn. Use this fiery energy to summon your courage for making your aspirations concrete – step by step. Do heed new ideas about how to do this.

Mercury is in Virgo now – lending the ability to think more precisely and pragmatically. It is moving up to a square to Saturn and  Neptune – adding the potential for a more grounded,  inspired and creative perception of your life.

The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. The Tarot Card of The Sun shows an innocent child on horseback riding away from a tall stone wall. This symbolizes the joyous process of moving away from things that are too limiting and constricting into the direction of freedom and joy. The sense of limitation can apply to the way you think of things as well as situations in your life now. There are sunflowers on the card  as well – representing happiness.

The Sun is also about clarity – when it enters a dark room it penetrates the darkness and shadows. It is a good time to think about where you would like to shine in your life and to set intentions to move in that direction.

Two of the Sabian symbols for this time are,” An evening garden party of adults” and “An old sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage.”

Sabian Symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom




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