New Moon in Taurus Monday

“The act of perception is always open ended and unfinished.” David Abrams

There is a very powerful New Moon tomorrow – Monday 5/18 EDT at 29 Taurus. It a good time to look at how you care for and nurture yourself along the road of life. Some good questions to ask would be- What would bring more joy into your life and how do you plan to create that? How well are you using your inner and outer resources to attain your aspirations? And how much do you believe in yourself and your abilities? Is that in need of updating? If any of these questions need addressing now is the time to address them and set intentions for new initiatives.

It is best to process and release the source of any anger or frustration that arises at this time. Jupiter continues to make a beneficent trine to Uranus – bringing very fortunate and sometimes out of the blue opportunities for growth and expansion which can be more easily perceived if you are in a place of optimism and abundance.

Mercury stations retrograde on the day of the New Moon at 13 degrees of Gemini and the Sabian symbol for that is, “Two people at widely different points are in conversation with each other by means of telepathy.” This Mercury retrograde period (through June 12) bodes well for telepathic communication.

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