On Mercury retrograde

Mercury is retrograde now – a time notorious for creating snafus with communication and travel.  This morning I mused about this theory in light of synchronicity and recalled a recent interview with Hugh Grant. He described a day several months ago when his car broke down out in the country. Getting out of the car he was immediately confronted by an aggressive reporter with a camera. Already irritable, Grant started swearing at him. But when things calmed down the reporter started relaying his experiences working for Rupert Murdoch and cited many of the illegal activities he had experienced there. Weeks later Grant returned to the bar where the reporter- since turned bartender –had started working. Grant carried with him a small tape recorder and taped the conversation about the activities at the paper. Grant is now suing Murdoch’s company. 

When things go awry, it can provide an opportunity to slow down and see what opportunities or perceptions might not have been available to us had things proceeded according to our plans.