Planetary influences this week

“In order to know the right turns we have to know the wrong ones.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes
I live in the downtown area of a small New England town a stone’s throw from the elementary school and playground. There is a little girl – I think she is in the second grade-who lives nearby. She has strawberry blonde hair and freckles. In astrology this coloring can be associated with a strong Mars influence in the chart – for instance Aries rising or Mars on the Ascendant,
The little girl spends most of her free time outdoors and is very agile and athletic ( other Mars qualities.) She is often running, climbing and swinging at the school playground, riding her bike or scooter. She is very independent and tough in her own way.
Yesterday though when I walked by her house she was outside standing close to her mother. Her mother explained that she had been to the nurse at school because she had run into the side of the picnic table and bumped her eye. Her mother went on to say that the neighbor’s child had also been to the nurse that day as the result of an accident.
This is a good story to keep in mind as we head into this week. The influence of Mars is strong and in conjunction with the influence of other planets, can lead to impulsiveness. There is also a tendency towards confusion and distraction – which can contribute to an accident prone time.
It is wise to make an effort to remain calm, be patient, exercise caution and stay out of confrontation. If you are negotiating it is wise to anticipate the potential need to go back and redo the deal in the future.
Mercury will station direct October 10 which will lead to more clarity and a better time for dynamic action.
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