Pluto, Saturn, Vesta and the Alchemists.

“The goal of alchemy is to transmute whatever is heavy and leaden into something light, alive and liberating, which is why its practitioners referred to it as the ‘redemption of matter.’ Sharon Seivert

“Alchemy is one way of imagining the release of spirit from the thick of matter.” Thomas Moore

There are many significant celestial bodies in the sign of Capricorn now including Saturn and Pluto which are moving up to an exact conjunction in 2020.  This planetary pair is associated with the breakdown of old structures and it is similar to the naturally occuring breakdown phase described by the alchemists. The alchemists knew that the breakdown phase was a necessary part of any cycle and like the autumn, contained the seeds of new life for the spring.

Vesta – the asteroid which governs what we are invested in – including beliefs- is now in Capricorn squaring Venus is Libra. This is a good time to look at beliefs and assumptions you are invested in. Perhaps they have supported your evolution up to this point but are in need of updating.

Perhaps they have become unnecessarily rigid and are unintentionally limiting options for the future. Perhaps things which were burdensome can now become less so. It is also a good time to look at the amount of responsibility you carry – and whether it needs to be adjusted or tweaked. Life can require so much persistence and perseverance and with these planetary influences it bodes well to pause and revisit the assumptions you carry on your way.

With Venus involved it bodes well to look at issues of self esteem, self worth and what represents joy, happiness and abundance to you. This things can change and evolve over time.

The Full Moon today – Friday  11/22 is in Gemini – is a lighthearted sign and known for its curious nature. Isabelle Hickey says this sign is represented by,”the light changeable breezes of early summer.”

The Sabian symbol for Venus now is, “An airplane sails high in the bright clear sky.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill




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