Pluto, Venus, Dr King and Thanksgiving in the US

“Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” DrMartin Luther King Jr.

Astrologically there are strong similarities to the Sixties now – another time when the personal became political. And then as now we are seeing  stresses and strains placed on many friendships and relationships in a very heated climate.

One of the great gifts of Martin Luther King Jr during the upheaval of his tumultuous era was his constant reminder to keep the focus on spiritual values and Gandhi’s philosophy of nonviolent resistance.

As we approach Thanksgiving in the US many families will gather together in the midst of testy times and testy astrological aspects. Venus will be conjunct Pluto – indicating a time of very deep feelings with the potential for revenge to enter the picture. It is also a time when powerful transformations can occur when coming from a deeper, wiser perspective.

In general if you have been striving to lead a more spiritual life now is the time to implement those values and – as Dr, King encouraged – to stay in touch with what is really important despite the risks, threats and obstructions. As Dr King so wisely said,“I have decided to stick to love… Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

With Mercury in close alignment to Saturn it bodes well to keep restraint in mind as well as right speech and action.

One of the Sabian symbols associated with aspects at Thanksgiving this year is,” A fire worshiper meditates on the ultimate realities of existence.”


Sabian Synbol quote from Lynda Hill

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