Rest, Regroup, Renew, Mercury Stations Retrograde Friday

“Think of September as a month of potential breakthroughs as we are challenged to go within for reflection and introspection regarding our values, habits, patterns, beliefs and actions. Much of the work this month will be around relationships and our perceptions of who we are, who we are with and what our work here is on this planet.” Lena Stephens

Mercury stations retrograde on Friday September 9 at 8 degrees of Libra  and the retrograde period will last through October 2 when Mercury will station direct at 24 degrees of Virgo.

At the time of the station, Mercury will be opposing Jupiter adding optimism and expansiveness to thinking during the retrograde period. It’s a good time for rethinking plans to see if they can be expanded in some way or if more hope and optimism needs to be added to the mix. If there’s a need to cut back, that can be done in the future. Mercury is also trining Mars adding a sharpness to thinking.

For a few days before and a few days after the station it is wise to heed anything that surfaces that represents a culmination of information.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A canoe is approaching safety through dangerous waters.”

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