Saturday’s New Moon in Virgo

“What we repeatedly think shapes our world. Out of compassion, substitute healthy thoughts for unhealthy ones.” Jack Kornfield

“Only with winter- patience can we bring the deep-desired, long awaited spring.” Anne Morrow Lindburgh

I had a good friend here who ran a school of natural cooking and philosophy and he created a special recipe for a  morning soup her called “Hang-ger.”  Hang-ger was a cure for hunger and anger – the kind of anger or the kind of irritability you can get from being too hungry.

We all may be in need of some hanger this weekend with the New Moon in Virgo which is at 4:17 AM on Saturday EDT. At this time the Sun and Moon at 4 degrees of  Virgo  will be squaring Mars at 4  degrees of Gemini. This can be a nervy combination and an impatient, critical and short tempered  one.

Best to avoid overthinking.

It’s a good time to think or plan about new initiatives but to watch for impulsiveness. Mars can give the  courage and the desire for action.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “A woman becomes aware of nature spirits and normally unseen spiritual energies.”


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