Solar Eclipse in Leo and Fixed Stars

“We must create an environment in which change enlivens and enriches the individual, but does not overwhelm her.” Alvin Toeffler

We are now entering the age of Aquarius – which offers us the opportunity to usher in a more egalitarian and enlightened world. The world as we know it now is in a struggle related to the use and abuse of power. The Aquarian Age is an evolution from the Age of Capricorn with its hierarchical  structure – change coming from the top down  – to change occuring more on the local level which reverberates upward. Throughout time eclipses have been associated with the downfall of powerful rulers or kings. This does not necessarily mean a specific leader will fall, but that the power structure in general is in the process of change and several possible directions are on the table.

This theme is echoed in the upcoming Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Leo as it falls on the fixed star Regulus – making it a very strong influence at this time. In ancient Persia the four fixed stars- Fomalhaut, Antares, Aldebaran and Regulus were called “The Watchers”. The fixed stars were said to govern kings and powerful leaders and each star indicates the rise to power – with one specific caveat. Any natal planets falling on these points in a personal birth chart are important.

The first, Fomalhaut, at 4 degrees of Pisces – speaks of the importance of noble ideas  and indicates  that a downfall would come through the loss of integrity in thinking. The second, Antares, at 10 degrees of Sagittarius indicates success will be achieved through maintaining equilibrium and the downfall would be brought on by obsession. The third, Aldebaran indicates success through integrity and the downfall would come through the corruption in actions. The fourth – and the one being highlighted at this eclipse is Regulus – at 29 degrees of Leo which governs the ethical use of power or bringing about one’s downfall through the misuse of power.

Much of the talk we hear now about “keeping it local” – supporting local farmers and CSAs, supporting local power sources – community solar or home solar hooked into the grid, involvement in local government and community,  investing in credit unions and  food coops rather than big banks or supermarket chains – are way that help build a stronger foundation for rebuilding the structure at the top.

One of the Sabian symbols for the upcoming eclipse is,”An unsealed letter has vital and confidential information.” Another is “In a portrait, the best of a man’s traits and character are idealized.”

Sabian Symbols from Lynda Hill

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