Saturn in Scorpio

This morning I was thinking about one of my favorite children’s stories – The Nightgown of the Sullen Moon by Nancy Willard. In it the Moon on her nightly journey looks down from the sky and sees a beautiful nightgown hanging on a clothesline in someone’s yard. She becomes jealous and wants it for herself. She goes shopping to try to find one and is rude and impatient to the salespeople who try to help along the way.

Saturn just entered the sign of Scorpio and Scorpio can be moody like the Moon – and can be jealous. Saturn in Scorpio (roughly 2 ½ years) provides a good time to visit these dark, moody corners of our lives where jealousy and resentment can fester to see if we are needlessly holding on to attitudes there that are preventing growth. The higher side of Scorpio is represented by the phoenix rising from the ashes – symbolizing the ability to bring light to dark realms and to effect powerful transformation.