Full Moon in Gemini

“Freedom is necessary for choice and choice is necessary for wisdom and growth…the sacred world of love, wisdom, fiery intelligence, passionate will, imagination and delight – is a world of freedom. But it is also binding and connecting.” David Spangler

The Moon waxes Full Saturday December 6 at 15 degrees of Gemini at 7:27 AM EST. Uranus the freedom loving planet is a strong influence at this time making it a good time to free up perceptions and make space for new and creative ideas outside the usual sense of limitations. It is a time when a new sense of emotional freedom can be attained suddenly and this unencumbered energy can be very helpful in envisioning the future in new and innovative ways. There is a lot of fiery, restless energy now and it bodes well to prioritize a clear vision before action.

Intuition is strong at this Full Moon as well. One of the Sabian symbols is,”Two People, At Widely Different Points, Are In Communication By Means Of Telepathy.”

Mars, the planet of drive and energy will be in Aquarius for the next month or so. This provides a good time to be open to new and innovative ideas about how you direct your energy to attain your goals. It provides a shift from Capricorn’s traditional/tried and true approach to one that is more inventive.

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