More on the Full Moon

“Don’t waste our time on trifles. You are dealing with that immensity out there.” Carlos Casteneda

On my computer’s astrology program there is a link to what is called the “Real Time Clock” which shows the evolving chart of the moment. I am often amused when I see that link and wonder, “which clock is the real time clock?” as there are so many ways of viewing time.

Tonight’s powerful Full Moon on the Cancer/Capricorn axis echoes the eclipses in the same signs which occurred between July 7, 2009 through July 1, 2011. Eclipses are evolutionary in nature and it would be wise if this particular time frame was significant to you to revisit your own evolutionary process from then to now.

Information about this process may be more readily available now with Pluto’s transit through Capricorn and can emerge through the dream life, spiritual work and intuitions as well as through transformative events in your everyday life.

Chiron’s influence suggests that evolution may occur through the discovery of missing pieces which leads to healing fragmentation.

Castaneda quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speestra.All times mentioned are EST