Full Moon in Cancer

“People could see Artemis standing in the doorway…she helped people across thresholds.” Buffie Johnson

Throughout time rituals have been performed at powerful initiatory thresholds and this weekend’s Full Moon in Cancer is such a time. The Sun is conjunct Pluto opposite the Moon and squaring the Lunar Nodes and Uranus. It is an important karmic doorway – harness the powerful energies by defining clearly your intentions for where you are going and what is necessary to leave behind in order to make that happen.

Old emotional programming is highlighted here – any unproductive thought patterns which lead to self pity, blaming and lack of personal empowerment should left behind. Watch the amount of energy you waste fighting old battles. Saturn and Pallas Athena are together in the sky now and will assist with serious long terms commitments as long as there is the requisite commitment to patience and perseverance over time.

There are volatile energies about and conflict can arise suddenly. If this is the case for you, raise the vibratory level – focus on gratitude, stay out of self pity and avoid interpreting the present through an unproductive lens of the past.

It bodes well to practice moderation and focus on the future.

This Full Moon is about using the tools of higher consciousness to evolve your life in the direction of your karmic purpose. Chiron’s placement in Pisces indicates the need to integrate a higher level of consciousness in solving problems. On a global level it encourages us to take a “global community” approach – to move away from the use of violence and instead to consider the other myriad options and tools available.

The Moon waxes full at 14 Cancer at 11:53 PM Sunday Jan 4 EST.
Venus and Mercury are conjunct in early Aquarius.

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