Full Moon in Capricorn

“Let us be silent that we might hear the whispers of the gods.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Full Moons are times when it is wise to exercise moderation and July 12th’s Full Moon in Capricorn is no exception. Mars continues to oppose Uranus making it a more volatile time. The Moon will conjunct Pluto indicating that deep feelings can more easily and suddenly rise to the surface. Aspects between Venus, Mercury , Pluto, Saturn and the Moon indicate that it may be more difficult to express yourself clearly or to be heard accurately. It bodes well to postpone difficult discussions until another time if possible.

Jupiter and Mercury are both at 29 degrees – 29 being considered the fated degree. Choose your words wisely during this time as they can set in motion unforeseen circumstances which might be hard to undo.

The asteroid of the Dark Moon opposes the Part of Fortune on the Ascendant /Descendant axis – indicating an opportune time for inner transformation which can lead to a more clear and empowered sense of personal identity. Saturn’s beneficent trine to Chiron indicates a good time for healing through meditation or through invoking the help of higher forces. One of the Sabian symbols is “A hidden choir singing during a religious service.”

Why consult an astrologer? Life’s challenges often find direction and resolution when viewed from an archetypal perspective.

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