On June’s Astrology

“How we see the world is shaped by our thoughts and beliefs.  These beliefs come from our upbringing, from our cultural context and from our own life experiences.  Our thoughts and beliefs affect our moods, how we interact with others and how we act and structure our lives.  This lunar cycle is focused on drawing our attention to our thoughts and beliefs and to look at whether we are living with limiting or destructive beliefs and seeing life through our own projections or fears or whether we are living from a higher level of openness and consciousness that allows us to see ourselves and all around us as part of the wholeness of all that is.

We move into this new lunar cycle on June 4th (11:01 pm EDT) as the Sun and Moon come together.  The New Moon lies near the royal star of the east, Aldebaran.  Aldebaran is associated with the Persian prophet Zarathustra who sought to guide others in seeing the world around us as sacred and to live in right balance with all that is.  The energy of this star is about living in integrity and in truth with clear thoughts and actions.”  Heather Ensworth