Jupiter, Chiron and Saturn

“Somewhere beyond the walls of our awareness…the wilderness side, the seeking side of ourselves is waiting to return.” Laurens van der Post

This week through the Full Moon on July 12 there are some powerful transformative energies about. Jupiter is preparing to leave Cancer – the sign which – among other things- governs the past and family. The sign of the crab with its tough outer shell is associated with protection against buffeting emotional tides.

The Sun’s opposition to Pluto offers a good time to extricate yourself from disempowering self concepts of the past.Often these self images may have come down through ancestral, cultural or religious lines and were absorbed rather than questioned. Now it the time to question them and to use Pluto’s power to clarify and redefine yourself from a more current, authentic, empowered perspective. Saturn’s trine to the Sun lends traction and long term success to the process with the caveat that commitment, practice and discipline must be involved. Chiron’s aspects indicate a powerful time for healing through forgiveness of self and others.

Why consult an astrologer? Life’s challenging problems often find meaning and resolution when viewed from a larger perspective.