Full Moon in Virgo

“The essence of health is an inner kind of balance.” Andrew Weil

The Moon waxes Full Thursday March 5 at 14 degrees of Virgo at 1:05 PM EST.
This is a good time for attention to matters concerning health and general well being If there are ways you would like to improve your health or start a new health related program, commit to it and begin now.
It bodes well to think about your daily routines and if they could be better organized to build strength, lower stress and provide more restorative time
Jupiter is trining Uranus now – increasing hope and optimism. It can bring new and unexpected opportunities. It bodes well to entertain ideas about how you would like your life to expand. Saturn is involved in the fiery trine making more things possible on a concrete level.

Amelia Shea specializes in issues of family, relationship and transition as well as life path and career.She can be reached at 603 654 1043, amelia.shea@comcast.net Her readings start at $30 and can be done by phone, email and in person. Andrew Weil quote from Divine Sparks
by Karen Speerstra