Lunar Eclipse in Aries

“There is a Providence that brought us here and gave us to each other at this time. In and through us, a greater tapestry of creativity is being woven.” John O’Donahue
It is a busy week in the skies with the Autumn Equinox – when the Sun enters the sign of Libra – on Wed 9/23, Mars moves into Virgo on Thursday and Pluto stations direct on Friday. The activity culminates with a Lunar Eclipse Sunday at 4 Aries at 10:50 pm EDT.
This eclipse is very much about relationships and specifically the evolution of relationships in our personal lives and in the world.  It is a time when relationship imbalances can be seen more clearly. It is a good time to look at relationships that are important to you and make a commitment to focus on similarities and move forward in a way that is open and authentic. Be aware of unexpected opportunities that may arise as the result of this process.
With the influence of Pluto and Jupiter it is possible to draw in new relationships – romantic and otherwise- that benefit who you are at this time and can be helpful to you in creating more mastery in your life and more abundance. With Mercury retrograde old relationships may resurface as well as past life contacts.
The Sabian symbol associated with the Eclipse degree is, “A white triangle is seen; it has golden wings.”

Lunar Eclipse in Aries

A full cup must be carried steadily”…old saying

We are in eclipse season now and the effects of eclipses can be felt before and after the actual event. There can be a sense of emotional instability as well as increased psychic sensitivity. The first in the series is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on Friday October 18 at 25 degrees of Aries.

Eclipses are evolutionary in nature and are as astrologer Eric Francis has said, “pattern setting events.” In addition to the many transformative aspects at play now, this eclipse has come along to help break up rigid patterns of thinking and to encourage us to question the nature of certainty in the midst of rapidly changing events. It is a good time to become more aware of unproductive assumptions and beliefs and look to opportunities for growth and expansion. One of the Sabian symbols associated with this eclipse is, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.”

Another is, “Through imagination a lost opportunity is regained.”

All times mentioned are EDT. Eric Francis is an Astrologer and investigative journalist whose work can be found on
Sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom