Mars and Venus in Aries

Mars and Venus are conjunct in the sky now through March 11. The Sabian symbol associated with the conjunction at the powerful degree of 0 Aries is, “A woman has risen out of the ocean, a seal is embracing her.”

This symbol speaks of the cycles of becoming and echoes the ancient Irish tale of the selkies – or seals – who emerge from the sea one day of the year to take human form. In one of the tales the selkie’s skin is stolen by a man who loved her wildness and she was forced to remain in human form with him until years later when her hidden sealskin was discovered and she was free to don it and go live in the sea once again.

In the cycles of personal evolution it is important to periodically clarify and shed old ways of being and perceiving that no longer apply – particularly beliefs integrated from authority figures that hindered your ability to move in a direction of increased personal authenticity. Now is the time for broad horizons.

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