Mars Conjuncts Pluto

“Power consists to a large extent in deciding what stories will be told.” Carolyn G. Heilbrun

Mars in Capricorn is moving up to a conjunction with Pluto and this aspect will be in effect from 11/4 through 11/18. The conjunction occurs at 11 degrees – the same degree as Pluto/Uranus conjunction on May 20, 2013.

This represents another threshold time – another gateway of evolutionary potential in the areas of transformation you are attempting to manifest in your life. Check your chart to see where Pluto is transiting for more information about what areas of life or being impacted for you.

Use this energy concretely to work on your path forward through clarity of vision and purpose and applying necessary pragmatic steps.

We are living in transformative times – both personally and globally. It is best under this aspect to commit to the path of moderation in speech and action as Mars and Pluto are both associated with warlike behavior.
The energy is best directed to projects that require energy and organization

There is always a compulsive component to Pluto’s influence so watch for overdoing and do take care when driving and moving about as there is a more of a tendency for accident prone behavior.

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Mars enters Capricorn

“In a shrinking world that can use a good shrink we don’t need another theory of evolution. What we need is the practice of evolution. ”*

Mars is in Capricorn now and entering the Pluto/Uranus square – the evolutionary sign of our times. Mars is known as the god of war and in our more enlightened times is sometimes referred to as a spiritual warrior – i.e. a person who uses his/her power and energy in the pursuit of a just, enlightened and nonviolent resolution to conflict. Tensions are likely to heat up now through early December. It’s is best to guard against impulsive actions yourself and on the part of others- especially when traveling. Avoid rushing. Use the abundant energy to work on overcoming obstacles, get plenty of exercise and look for sudden and unexpected breakthroughs.

from Spontaneous Evolution by Lipton and Bhareman