Planetary Activity

“There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. Everybody’s crew.” Marshall McLuhan

It is a time of increased astrological activity with many recent changes – among them Jupiter moving into Leo and squaring Mars. Watch for over doing and overindulging. There is a tendency to get caught up in rigid positions but a wise use of the energy is to stay in the present – don’t get too ahead of yourself- and exercise moderation in your thoughts and actions. Although it may easily feel like a time to overdo, energy will be better spent proceeding slowly and consciously keeping discipline, perseverance and the long term in mind.
There can be sudden or jarring experiences which cause feelings of scarcity to arise related to love, money and security. Regard this as a passing influence. Avoid impulsive actions.
One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”Neighbors help in a house raising party in a small village,” reminding us of the power of collaboration and cooperation and echoing the ongoing Pluto/Uranus aspect – which encourages us to think and act as a global community.

“When your intention is to transfer loving energy you can never fail…because in the subtle realms intention is action.” Leonard Laskow

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