Mercury Stations Retrograde Wednesday

One day awhile back I was pressed for time and realized there was no way I could make an appointment for an oil change later in the afternoon. When I called the shop to apologize the mechanic said,” That’s fine – only the appointment was yesterday.”
In so doing he reminded me Mercury was retrograde.
Mercury stations retrograde Wednesday June 26. Mercury is the trickster god and during the retrograde period (through July 21) it is wise to give additional attention to the details – particularly as regards travel, communication and the tools of communication. It is a good time to make an extra effort to communicate more clearly, to leave extra time when traveling, and in general to have more patience when things go awry.
Mercury will station at 23 degrees of Cancer making this a good time frame to reflect on issues related to family, relationship and security. The Sabian symbol is, “A woman and two men cast away on a small island,” reminding us of some of the challenges inherent in relationships and family life – particularly issues related to the need for privacy and space, the need to accommodate the wishes of others and the need to live authentically and autonomously in a family or relationship structure. Jupiter will enter sign of Cancer on Wednesday and will help with accessing wisdom in these areas.

All times mentioned are EDT. Sabian Symbol reference from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom