Mercury Stations Retrograde

“New ways of thinking about familiar things can release new energies and make all manner of things possible.” Charles Handy

Mercury stations retrograde at 12 degrees of Leo on July 14th at 10:16 PM EDT and does not resume direct motion again until Aug 8.

Mercury retrograde periods provide excellent timing to pause and reflect on our perspectives.  Often there is a need to expand the habitual way we think about things to allow for different kinds of possibilities, opportunities and outcomes. These three weeks are excellent for moving in that direction- revisit, review and revise your perspectives if necessary.

Retrograde Mercury can have a trickster nature to it also so be sure to leave more time for traveling, be more vigilant about the erratic nature of other people’s driving, avoid rushing and double check any communications that seem to have gone awry rather than assuming that something intentional has occurred.

July ’12 Astrology

“Life wants us to be who we are – not someone else’s vision of who we might be.” Boots Hart

July’s Full Moon falls at 12 degrees of Capricorn on Tuesday July 3 at 2:52 pm EDT. This Moon offers the opportunity to develop a more heightened awareness about transforming outlived emotional patterning of the past. Perspective and how we frame experience is key in the process. Emotions can run high at this time.

Neptune and Chiron together in the sky now indicate that information about healing and evolution will be available through dreams, intuitions and inspiration.

It is wise to tend to any repairs – especially those related to travel and communication (cars, computers, phones etc) – before the 14th. If contracts and agreements need to be finalized it is best to complete these before the 14th or after August 8 to avoid the need to revisit or revise at some future date.

If it is necessary to finalize contracts during this Mercury retrograde period do review them more carefully than usual.

At the end of the first week of July the influence of the upcoming retrograde stations of Uranus and Mercury will be in effect. It is wise to provide extra time for relaxation and to process events as there can be surprising twists and turns when this planetary pair is together in the sky. It is an erratic duo in nature and it is best to enter this time frame (through the end of the month) remaining flexible and open as often unexpected things occur and plans can change on short notice.

As with all Mercury retrograde periods, this one is best used for review. It is also a fertile time for breakthroughs. Be innovative when seeking solutions.

From the 7th through the end of the month leave extra time for traveling and anticipate delays. Be more vigilant when driving and avoid rushing as accidents can occur under this influence due to impulsive behavior.

On July 13 Uranus stations retrograde at 8 degrees of Aries and on the 14th Mercury stations retrograde at 12 degrees of Leo.

July 17 Mars in Libra will enter the Pluto/ Uranus square and form a grand cross with the Moon. This influence brings justice and fairness in relationship to the forefront. How we advocate for what we need in relationship, how others respond and power balances/ imbalances are on the table. This applies to all kinds of relationships. Pay attention to where old behavior patterns have outlived their purpose and create a more evolved model for the future.

Late July holds more harmonious aspects.