Mercury, Uranus and the Winter Solstice

Mercury is squaring Uranus now and will be exact on the 24th. Under this influence there can be snafus with electronics, communication and travel. It is a good idea to make sure all devices are backed up. Nerves can be frayed under this influence so extra patience is advised. It bodes well to watch speech and actions carefully now as Saturn is at 29 degrees. This is known as the “fated” degree and it may be hard to undo the consequences of words spoken or actions taken at this time.

There is significant planetary activity on the Solstice – a very powerful New Moon at 0 Capricorn at 8:36 pm EST following the Winter Solstice at 6:03 pm and the Uranus station at 5:45 pm Saturn is also preparing to enter a new sign on Tuesday.

Harness the dynamic power of this time to empower clear intentions related to your aspirations for building stability and security in your life, work, business endeavors and family. Commit to do the work , organization and collaboration necessary to make goals come to fruition.

It is wise also with Pluto and Venus together to strengthen intentions related to transformation in the areas of self esteem, self worth and financial well being.