“When evening shadows fall
I’m waiting for the dawn.” Van Morrison

The tiny purple daisies that bloom this time of year are sometimes called Michaelmas daisies because they bloom near the feast of St. Michael or Michaelmas.

Michaelmas falls midway between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice and for centuries celebrations have been held commemorating the triumph of the lowly peasant, George over the fearsome dragon who was terrifying his village.

Many others before George had in vain attempted to fight and slay the dragon and had lost their lives as a result. But it was because of the intervention of the archangel Michael- the mightiest of the archangels, known as the protector of humanity and protector against darkness- that George was able to succeed.

The symbolism of Michaelmas has to do with the battle between the forces of Light and Darkness in both our outer and inner worlds. The darkness symbolizes fear and doubt – and the Light represents hope, faith and inspiration – the qualities which protect us during the dark night of the soul and during times like the Fall when the power of the Light wanes and the forces of darkness grow stronger.

It is a good time to strengthen will forces and cultivate faith and courage in the face of doubt, fear and uncertainty.

Quote from Van Morrison’s cd Down the Road