On Chiron, Neptune and Thanksgiving

Developing more awareness and compassion for the adversities of others and working to alleviate it in some small part as individuals is indicated by the spiritually orientated conjunction of Chiron and Neptune in influence now. Synchronicity can play a strong hand in events.

I have a friend who is from a large farm family and one of their traditions is that shortly before Thanksgiving they all attend a bingo fundraising event that benefits local families in need.

This year the family winnings included nine turkeys and four hams which they decided to donate to the Food Pantry. It was an odd hour (there was no room to store the turkeys and hams in anyone’s freezer after the event) and they were hoping someone would be at the food pantry when they arrived. They knocked and knocked and finally a tired, worried looking woman came to the door. She was quite surprised – caught off guard -when they told her about the nature of their visit and the contents in the back of their truck.

She said, “I was just about to leave to go to the supermarkets to beg for Thanksgiving turkeys for our families. We are nine turkeys short. We had a few families that wanted hams but I was just about to call and tell them they would have to have turkeys instead.”

After relaying the story to me my friend said, “I don’t really care that much about celebrating Thanksgiving but I am glad when I can do something productive.”

Storms, High Seas and Neptune

The aspects for the hurricane headed towards the east coast indicate that it has the potential to be, as some are forecasting “a storm unlike one we have ever seen.” The Mars Jupiter opposition indicates it could have an excessive nature to it – and it is forecast to cover and impact upon a very large area with high winds, heavy rains and high tides. The Sun/Saturn conjunction may have some tough lessons to teach about the consequences of outdated infrastructure which can wreak havoc with power transmission.

It is good to remember that with the ongoing Pluto/Uranus square events like this contain lessons about how we need to be moving into the future. For example in the major storm which hit VT last year people with a solar powered systems welcomed in their friends and neighbors for showers and hot drinks as their sun powered system never flickered. The lights from their house blazed through the unaccustomed and chilly darkness.

Neptune, the god of the sea is involved in this storm – stirring up the ocean as he waves his trident. Neptune governs rain, fog and mist as well. Neptune has an ethereal influence and is strong in the charts of artists, spiritual seekers, mystics, healers as well as people particularly prone to addiction, illusion and deception. Neptune is associated with a sense of being victimized but the higher level has to do with sacrifice and redemption.

Here in New Hampshire we had a storm recently which knocked out power for an extended period of time when the temperatures were frigid. It is easy under these circumstances to miss our creature comforts and feel self pity. Another response was demonstrated by the people who drove immediately to the town shelters to help organize, cook or volunteer for whatever needed to be done.

This illustrates the redemptive power of Neptune – transforming self pity into empathy, and dynamic, compassionate action. And although we hear a lot about the need for individual enterprise and success these days, the values of the Age of Aquarius encourage us to take the view that “we are all in the same boat” and to cooperate and collaborate to create a more harmonious future.

Astrology and Occupy Wall St.

Students of history know that governments become rigid over time and periodically there is a need for change in the power structures. Visionaries advocating for a more just world have always been a key force at these kinds of turning points. What we are witnessing in the Occupy Wall St. movement is not just a desire to move the country in the direction of more social, political and economic justice but also an effort to evolve the world in a more idealistic direction. Neptune- now a strong influence in the sky – governs idealism, higher dreams and visions. Efforts like making decisions by consensus, partaking in peaceful protest and organizing globally to bring about positive change will receive help and support from the powerful evolutionary dynamics – also called the aspects of 2012- at play in the sky now.

On the Mercury/Neptune opposition

Things can be really confusing sometimes when Mercury is in hard aspect to Neptune. It is a bit like wandering around in the fog in your mind. Literally there can be confusion with communication and the tools of communication.
Yesterday when I went out to get the mail from our mailbox across the street I was disappointed that my new Tarot deck had not yet arrived. Instead I found a sheet of paper from the Post Office- a form – (and I try to avoid filling out forms at all costs) with a handwritten note from our friendly and welcoming rural delivery person. In cursive it read, “Welcome to town! Please fill this out and return it to us. Thank you.” There were lines for the customary contact information as well as a space for the name of anyone else receiving mail at the address. The problem was I had filled this form out quite awhile ago and didn’t understand why I would have to do it again. I speculated about why this should be necessary and then finally just decided not to fill it out and tossed it into the recycling. Later that night I remembered a new family had moved in across the street and thought that the letter had found its way by mistake into my box. Because the Sun is in Virgo (worry) I Lay awake wondering what other mail was in the wrong box.
This morning when I went out to get the mail I decided to look the situation over more carefully. My mailbox is the last on the left in a row of three. But when I looked more closely I realized that my mailbox was no longer the last in line – that now belonged to the new family. The mail carrier had put the form in the right box!