Neptune, Saturn, the Sun and Venus

“Under the Saturn/ Neptune influence we can feel that our existing life structures don’t measure up to our ideal. We must realize that this moment is IT – this life is our vessel of the spirit. Saturn Neptune tells me, manifest your vision now.  Master your disappointment. Build and sustain the temple of your life. Don’t fall apart or waste away or become dysfunctional.” Greg Bogart, The Mt Astrologer.

This week the influence of the Saturn/ Neptune/ Jupiter configuration is strong. The Sun and Venus will move up to a square to Neptune mid week. These aspects bode well for creativity and spiritual development but can also distort pragmatic vision. There is a tendency to see what you would like to see rather than what is really there. The tendency towards  fantasy and projection is strong at this time.

The Sun and Venus will then move up to an opposition to Saturn – the Lord of Time, Consequences and Karma and a square to Jupiter – the planet of expansion. When Saturn’s influence is strong there is a lesson to be learned and it may well be about how  realistic and strong the foundations of you plans are. If you feel slowed down or discouraged by this influence do check to see if there is a pattern to the way you approach things that may need to be adjusted. Much of this time has to do with keeping your visions inspired while overcoming obstacles related to Saturn’s lessons of discipline, patience and the “rules of the road.”

We are heading into Saturday’s New Moon in Gemini – a seed point for setting new intentions. The month of June is particularly strong for new beginnings as it starts out under the influence of a waning Moon. It bodes well the think about what you are planning to leave behind in starting a new time in your life. And in Gemini this particularly has to do with leaving behind outlived thought and communication  patterns in order to be in touch with something that is more evolved, vibrant and authentic.

New Moon in Gemini

Tuesday’s (6/19) New Moon at 28 Gemini falls at 11:02 am EDT. The Sabian symbol associated with this degree is “The First Mockingbird Of Spring Sings From The Tree Top.” This joyful image is about giving form to endeavors related to self expression – are there things you have wanted to speak out about, advocate for or create? Now would be the time to commit to the process. The symbol for Mars at this New Moon is “A Lion Tamer Rushes Fearlessly Into The Circus Arena”– an image that illustrates the need for courage and daring regardless of track record or expertise.