New Moon in Libra

“Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, wakes.” Jung

Wednesday’s New Moon at 1 degree of Libra is full of opportunity for fresh starts, new beginnings and personal expansion.
Isabelle Hickey once noted that while Libras often are involved in the diplomacy that ends wars, they are often involved in starting the wars as well.
Everyone has the sign of Libra somewhere in their chart and we all deal with this kind of dynamic – inner and outer warring and resolution or lack of it in one form or another.
This New Moon is a good opportunity to reconfigure and evolve that balance. It is a good time to focus on creating a new level of inner harmony which then informs your relationship to the outer world in a positive way.
It is a good time to be open to new visions and opportunities for expansion in your life. and to set intentions to face and overcome challenges.
One of the Sabian symbols involved with this placement is, ” A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway.” It bodes well to sidestep beliefs from the outer world (the news, outgrown views from education, upbringing, religious beliefs) that limit your possibilities for positive change and evolution and to be in touch with your deep inner knowing.

Amelia Shea specializes in issues of family, relationship and transition as well as life path and career.She can be reached at 603 654 1043, and Her readings start at $30 and can be done by phone, email and in person. Sabian symbol quote from 360 Degrees of Wisdom by Lynda Hill.
Jung quote from Jung and the Tarot by Sallie Nichols