New Moon in Pisces

“Faith is some truth that you heartfully merge with. It’s like compassion, the merging. Belief is a system of the mind and the mind is part of the ego…If you have faith then grace will stay and it is real.” Ram Dass

The New Moon on Saturday March 1 is at 10 degrees of Pisces. One of the Sabian symbols for this placement is “Men Traveling a Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination” and another is “An Examination of Initiates in the Sanctuary of an Occult Brotherhood.” It is a good time to commit to growing the amount of faith and hope in your life, to commit to developing a deeper connection with your spiritual system and to be increasingly open to guidance related to your life mission.

“Faith is not merely a way of knowing: it is a way of participating.” Robert Ellwood

Sabian symbol references from Lynda Hill’s 360 Degrees of Wisdom, Ram Daas quote from his book Fierce Grace and Ellwood quote from his book The Cross and the Grail. All times mentioned are EST.