New Moon in Sagittarius

One time I heard an online lecture by noted anthropologist and writer Alberto Villoldo which was delivered on the Winter Solstice a few years ago. He explained that on this night shamans and indigenous people throughout the world would be gathered around the fire, gazing into the flames and envisioning the new, healthier, more vibrant world that they were bringing into being with their focused thoughts and intentions.

Fire is an inspirational force and is associated with passion, adventure and clarity of vision.

On the upcoming New Moon on December 2 the Sun and Moon will be together in the fiery sign of Sagittariius

In preparation for this time (New Moons are powerful initiatory times for setting intentions) it is wise to clarify your visions for your life, what you feel passionate about and your hopes and wishes for the evolution of a healthier planet.

At the end of the lecture Alberto said, “Throughout the world we will all be together tonight as we gather around the fire,” a reminder that the desire for a healthier , more vibrant planet is shared by many people throughout the world – whose desires were aligned that night around the fire.

All times mentioned are EST.