New Moon in Virgo

“The whole purpose of reincarnation is to facilitate the continuity of a being’s work.” Dalai Lama

One of my favorite images for describing certain transits in astrology is this – it is like a train pulling into the station – some people get off the train – leave your life – and some new people enter it. The powerful upcoming New Moon in Virgo on Monday 8/25 EDT fits nicely with this image.

Because the Nodes – which are related to life purpose and destiny – are conjunct the axis of self and others- it creates a very good time for clear self definition in the present- who you are and how you define your life purpose. It is also a time to clarify which relationship dynamics – including how you relate to yourself as well as how you relate to others- you need to let go of. There will be significant assistance from planetary forces for initiatives like this at this time.

Old relationships may end, new ones – of a karmic nature- may appear or reappear suddenly. Consider and commit to the use of appropriate boundaries for any interactions based on the new definition of self. Be wary of getting involved in habitual behaviors which have been shown to lead down the wrong paths.
It is a time for the affirmation or reaffirmation of your whole self. Commit to the process of moving in a more holistic direction- giving equal weight to the realms of body, mind and spirit. Also commit to the discipline and work that is necessary – both short and long term – to implement your goals.

Because of the Nodal placements this New Moon is more like an eclipse – an evolutionary threshold which is best approached with a lot of consciousness.

One of the Sabian symbols for Juno – the asteroid of commitment – at the time of the New Moon is, ” A small naked girl bends over a sparkling pond trying to catch a fish.”

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