The Sun enter Sagittarius

“Healing is a process, a movement, a transition towards balance, connectedness, meaning and wholeness. Healing is a movement not an outcome.” Richard Katz.

The Sun enters Sagittarius November 22. The Sun’s journey through Scorpio, the predecessor of Sagittarius, has been particularly significant this year with Saturn, the North Node and Mercury all transiting through that sign as well.

For much of the month these planets were aligned in favorable aspect to Chiron – the asteroid of the Wounded Healer- in Pisces. In mythology Chiron brought the knowledge of homeopathy to the gods and goddesses. He was renowned for his healing abilities. But in the end Chiron died of a wound he could not heal.

The symbol in Astrology for the asteroid Chiron is a key. It associated with missing information or fragmentation related to the ongoing process of wounding and healing that goes on in the course of everyone’s life. With Chiron in Pisces it is a very good time to pay attention to information from dreams, intuition, spiritual guidance etc that speaks of missing information – particularly associated with areas of life that feel challenging or problematic. Very often there is a need to heal some aspect of that part of life and Chiron can help us to see how to do that.

All times mentioned are EST Richard Katz quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra

Full Moon in Taurus

“No one can give a definition of the soul. But we know what it feels like…The soul is a burning desire to breathe in this world of light and never to lose it – to remain children of light.”
Albert Schweitzer

The Moon waxes full Sunday 11/17 at 25 degrees of Taurus. At this time Pluto is conjunct Venus on the Ascendant and Mercury is conjunct the North Node on the Midheaven. Consciously engaged the energy of this Moon lends great strength and power to endeavors actively involved in transformation – particularly endeavors related to self esteem, identity, identify in relationship & partnership and issues related to abundance.

Use the energy of this Full Moon to review how far you have come in these areas and to recommit to the discipline, focus and work required in the journey forward.

It is a time when passions may be running high and a good time to be in touch with what needs to be transformed in your life in order that you may live more authentically and passionately – more closely aligned with your soul’s evolutionary purpose and with what you came here to do.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is, “A silvery moon shining across a beautiful gem of a lake” – making this a good time for quiet contemplation and reflection.

Amelia Shea has advised clients in her Astrology and Tarot practice since 1990. She specializes in issues of relationship, family and children as well as life path and career. She can be reached at 603 654 1043 or Her readings start at $30. All times mentioned are EST. Sabian symbol reference from Lynda Hill’s
360 Degrees of Wisdom. Albert Schweitzer quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

“Transformation comes from a place of looking deeply within, to a state that exists before fear and isolation arise, the state in which we are inviolably whole just as we are.” Sharon Salzberg

One of the symbols for the sign of Scorpio is the phoenix rising from the ashes and one of the great gifts of the sign – if actualized – is transformation. The upcoming Solar Eclipse on Nov 3 is at 11 degrees of Scorpio – conjunct Saturn and the North Node. This eclipse is very much about the soul’s evolutionary journey. It is a good time to think deeply and wisely about heeding the desires of the soul and creating steps – however incremental- forward to do that. With the sign of Scorpio there is also a need to let go of what is outgrown or no longer useful. The soul must feel free to dream unimpeded. As Alberto Villoldo so perceptively wrote, ” We must let go of perceptions of ourselves as being bogged down by a problem or trapped in a role, and envision ourselves as free from what we are identifying with or clinging to.”

Salzberg quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra, Alberto Villoldo’s quote from The Four Insights