Mercury And Saturn

“Perception is an ongoing interchange – a silent conversation I carry on with things. By perceiving (really seeing) I enter into a sympathetic relation with the perceived…The act of perception is always open-ended and unfinished.” David Abram

Today is the third conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio related to the recent Mercury retrograde period. These contacts provide fertile ground for significant realizations over time. In the sign of Scorpio these insights can relate to an evolved understanding of emotional patterning as well as an evolved understanding of empowerment.

Mercury and Saturn together also remind us of the conscious use of thought and speech and as we approach the holiday season this is a good area of life to consider. There are good aspects for conviviality as well as communication over the next week – particularly if expectations are pragmatic and appropriate boundaries are in place.

All times mentioned are EST . David Abram quote from his book The Spell of the Sensuous.