Pallas, Venus and Pluto

“Storytelling is bringing up, hauling up: it is not an idle practice… There must be a little blood spilled on every story if it is to carry the medicine.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

One of the Sabian symbols associated with the current transit of Pallas Athena – the goddess of advocacy and justice – is, “The sculptor’s vision is slowly taking form.” Pallas governs the process of how to advocate for the life you want.
Pallas has been squaring Chiron making this a good time to revisit the “stories we tell ourselves” – the way you ordinarily interpret past events in your life and whether these stories and perceptions empower or undermine progress. It may be time for more empowered interpretations.
Transits to Venus indicate a powerful time to let go of outgrown perceptions in order to move forward in a less encumbered, more direct way.
Look for blind spots.
This process takes time and is a good thing to consider under the influence of this particular Mercury retrogade period (through mid June.)

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