Chiron in Pisces

“We have this way of talking, and we have another.
Apart from what we wish and what we fear may happen,
We are alive with other life, as clear stones
Take form in the mountain. “Rumi
We are living in transformative times –  with the Pluto/Uranus contact coming around again as it did in the Sixties. In many areas of life we see a push for a new evolutionary direction which faces significant backlash. Mistrust of the government, banking industries, religious institutions and large institutions in general is on the rise. Politics is fragmented.
Something new is trying to be born.
Times like these can stir up fear and as Robert Sardello wrote in his book, Freeing the Soul rology forecastfrom Fear, “fear causes fragmentation.”
Chiron the asteroid of the Wounded Healer is in Pisces now indicating a time when the healing of fragmentation can come through being in touch with the underlying interconnectedness of all things.
“Whispers and small laughter between leaves and hurrying
Under sleep where all the waters meet.” TS Eliot
 As with the Queens and Kings  of old, an Astrologer or Tarot Card Reader should be a trusted ally on your life’s path.
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