September ’12 Astrology

“We live in a time when the greatest form of courage is to act as if our lives made a difference.” William Sullivan  

August provided a bit of relief from the more dynamic transits but come mid September we will be feeling their influence once again. Much of the month concerns transformation and it is a powerful time to harness that energy to effect positive change in our lives.

The first part of the month – before the New Moon on the 15th – take some time to review progress with plans and goals. When the 15th comes clarify intentions for the way forward. Pay particular attention shedding attitudes, assumptions and belief systems that no longer serve you.

September starts off as Mercury aspects Neptune making it an excellent time for creative visualization, meditation and creativity. This aspect can cloud linear thinking and communications though (Neptune rules fog) so it is best, if possible, to avoid making serious decisions, signing legal agreements or making major purchases until after the 5th.

Through the 8th Venus squares Saturn. Under this influence concerns about finances can arise as well as issues related to self esteem. It is best to view these areas of life as in need of transformation and work on envisioning an improved path forward.

The Sun and Mercury will square Jupiter from the 5- the 11th. This can make it an overly active time for communication and thinking. Providing some down time for a quiet walk in nature or some restorative activities would be beneficial.

Midmonth things are likely to heat up as Pluto stations direct on the 18th and the Pluto /Uranus square is exact on the 19th – with the Sun and Mercury involved in a dynamic square. The Pluto/Uranus transit is aspect of our times and has an inner and outer component to it – meaning it is a significant evolutionary time for us both personally and globally. Mars is in Scorpio now through October 7 – this is a very good aspect for courage and clarity when facing challenges and can give us the jump start to enter new territory where we may have “feared to tread” up to this point.

Venus squares Mars from the 19th through the end of month which can create friction in relationships – especially as Saturn transits the late degrees of Libra. It is a good time to revisit what we have learned in the relationship sphere over the last couple of years in order to approach the future with more clarity.

The Harvest Full Moon is September 29 at 7 degrees of Aries.


Quote from The Secret of the Incas – excerpted from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra