May 2013 Astrology

“Intent is infinite.”…Carlos Castaneda

There are some beautiful Chandra symbols for May’s significant astrological activity. One of them is, “An old woman hears the stars talking to her at night. There is wonder, there is awe, discovery and an odd echo of fate.”

Much of the evolution which is occurring now has to do with integrating higher levels of consciousness into our lives and into the life of the world. It bodes well throughout May to allow more time for inspiration, appreciation, wonder and gratitude.

May starts off under some powerful aspects for getting work done. For the first week, organize your thoughts and projects and move forward in a calm, steady and determined way.

There are two eclipses this month the first of which falls on May 9. This is a Solar Eclipse at 19 Taurus. Mars and Mercury are close to the South Node at this time indicating it bodes well to enter the month with clear, committed intentions. Reaffirm commitments when challenges present themselves. Anticipate a month where there will be a waxing and waning of energy. Neptune’s influence is strong and illusion can be about. Avoid impulsive action.

The Uranus/Pluto square is exact again on May 20. This is the revolutionary sign of our times and an opportunity for awakening on a personal and global scale. We can see its influence politically, economically and socially as a new world struggles to be born. The old order which has been shown to have weak and unsustainable underpinnings is in the process of falling and new growth is sprouting. New forms for our personal and collective lives based on healthy models are the keys to the way forward. Look to your chart to see where the houses governed by Capricorn and Aries are – these are the areas of life being directly impacted by this ongoing influence.

The Lunar eclipse is May 25 at 4 degrees of Sagittarius. One of the Chandra symbols associated with this placement is.”An old owl sits alone on a branch of an old tree: a poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation.” This month presents a good opportunity to grow in wisdom and awareness.

All times mentioned are EDT.
Chandra symbol quotes from Ellias Lonsdale, Castaneda quote from Divine Sparks by Karen Speerstra

March 2013 Astrology

“The alchemists held that the divine faculty possessed by man was his imagination, and their theory seems to be that if the imagination was sufficiently well disciplined and concentrated it would produce amazing results.”
Juliet Sharman Burke

The alchemists were not alone in their idea of the importance of the imagination.Throughout history this idea has been the foundation of many magical traditions. Albert Einstein who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 was famously quoted as saying , “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
Th alchemist’s work involved the process of purification and transformation. Calcination – when matter was heated until it was reduced to ash – was an important part of the process.
The ongoing Pluto Saturn sextile throughout the month frees up energy for transforming the parts of our inner lives that have over time become calcified – crystallized in a way which inhibits growth and evolution. These calcified areas can be emotional, spiritual, mental and physical and involve beliefs that have become rigid over time. The beliefs may have been helpful as defense mechanisms at one time but inhibit growth in the present.
In the first half of March it bodes well to broaden horizons with the imagination and work on expanding views which have become rigid and limited. The second half of the month when Mercury stations and starts to move direct and many of the faster moving planets engage the Pluto/Uranus square will be an action oriented, volatile time.Work imaginatively on visions and intentions which will be clear by mid month and implement them after the 18th when the dynamic, action oriented energy of Mars is strong.
Transits throughout the month:
Through the 13th – Venus squares Jupiter – this is an aspect of good times. It bodes well for activity that bring happiness and pleasure into our lives. It can be an optimistic time. Avoid overspending and excess in general.
The Saturn/Pluto sextile is in effect all month. This provides good timing for financial work and plans. Review how you create financial abundance in your life seeking areas that are in need of improvement. Review investments and how money is spent. Use your imagination to create opportunities.
On the 12th Mars enters his home sign of Aries aspecting Uranus and Pluto. This will usher in a time of more energy but a volatile time as well. Throughout the month guard against impulsive behavior on your part and the part of others as this can be an accident prone time when too much haste, rushing or irritability clouds the thinking. Sudden, surprising events are known occur with this aspect and it bodes well to fortify the nervous system and provide extra down time for regeneration all month long.
On the 17th Mercury stations direct.
The Sun moves into Aries on the Vernal Equinox March 20. The Sun and Moon both engage the Pluto/Uranus square which symbolizes the powerful, transformational nature of our times.
From the 22nd through the end of the month Venus moves up to a conjunction with Uranus in Aries. This is the love-at-first-sight aspect. Surprising things can happen under this high voltage aspect.
The Full Moon is on the 27th at 6 Libra.

“In my dreams I can see
I can see
A world that could be….” Crosby, Stills and Nash

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Quote from Mastering the Tarot by Juliet Sharman Burke. All times mentioned are EDT through the 9th then EDT

Venus Enters Capricorn

“My soul and the world are but one.” Rudolph Steiner

Today Venus enters Capricorn, Saturn’s sign. Venus rules values and for the next couple of weeks as Venus transits the transformational Pluto/Uranus square, take some time to look at how you implement your personal values in areas of love, relationships and finances and whether a closer connection needs to be drawn. We live in a time of rapid evolution and higher personal aspirations and actions are directly correlated to a more positive outcome for the planet.

quote from Lynn Jericho’s Inner Christmas 2012 , all times mentioned are EST.

Pluto/Uranus Square

“Enchanted and spellbound,   in the silence they lingered

And rowed the boat as the light grew steadily strong

And the birds were silent as they listened for the heavenly music

And the river played the song…” Van Morrison, Piper at the Gates of Dawn

The influence of the Pluto/Uranus conjunction – one of the signatures of 2012 Astrology – is growing stronger and will be exact for the first time in June. This aspect has to do with the evolutionary changes occurring on the earth now, including the tsunamis, earthquakes and stronger than usual storms.  One of the questions symbolized by this aspect concerns how we inhabit the earth and whether there are more harmonious ways to do so. Throughout time people have found inspiration and healing by visiting hidden springs and mystical sites. It is a good time now to visit or find special places that have that kind of meaning and significance for you. It can be as small as a local fountain – a place that can restore peace and tranquility in trying times and allow for a more meaningful spiritual and personal connection to the earth.