Monday’s Full Moon

“I’m pretty clear that it’s never been so necessary to befriend people who don’t share my values.” Lynn Bell

The Moon waxes full Monday June 20 at 7:02 AM EDT. This is the second Sagittarius Full Moon in a row – the first one on on May 21 at the first degree and Monday’s Full Moon at the last degree – the 29th degree. This indicates a time of endings and beginnings. Shortly after the Moon waxes full the Sun enters the sign of Cancer (at 6:34 PM EDT) – marking the Summer Solstice. Throughout time and all over the earth ceremonies have  been held to honor and commemorate this time.

The Sun, the Moon and Juno are all at the 29th degree – making this a potent time to clarify  your commitments going forward – commitments to yourself, to work and projects and to others.


One of the Sabiam symbols at this time is,  “A sword in a museum.” This symbol speaks of the need to put down to sword – to stop fighting old battles and think twice before engaging in disagreements or conflict at this time. The Full Moon is an intense time and with Mars standing still in the sky and other potent aspects, anger and aggression can arise suddenly and conflict can escalate more quickly.

One of the symbols for the Sun at this time is,”On a ship sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one.” This also indicates a good time to explore what the new commitments and ideas about your future are  – and let the outdated ones go. If you have recently completed a project or take some time to honor your accomplishments.

“Magic crowns this time of year for Midsummer has long been considered a night when the veil between the worlds is thin…Drink in the abundant beauty of our little planet at this inspiring time of year. If you light a bonfire, campfire, hearth fire, or even a simple candle, in honor of this “turning of the wheel” of the solar year, you are reviving a practice that stretches back through millennia. Observing and honoring these ancient, natural “holy days” helps the entire world revive and heal a split that has gone on way too long between Mother Earth and her human children.” Blue Moon Astrology