Saturday’s Full Moon

“Strengthening the imagination does not have the purpose of merely expanding consciousness beyond ordinary perception and thought. Rather, such strengthening is intimately connected with our earthly world and with becoming ever more vividly alive.” Robert Sardello
The moon waxes Full Saturday at 6 degrees of Pisces at 2:35 PM EDT. Use the expansive, mystical energy at play this weekend to open the doors of perception wide and imagine what is possible. It bodes well to allow extra down time for musing, creative visualization and meditation. Be open to inspiration and guidance from body, mind and spirit.
This Moon falls on the Pisces/Virgo axis. Pisces, the sign ruled by the mystical planet Neptune seeks inspired and intuitive insight and Virgo, ruled by Mercury is the sign that excels at critical thinking and discernment. There is an opportunity to reach a more evolved balance between the two this weekend