Sun in Leo, Full Moon in Aquarius

“And all the obstacles along the way
Sometimes may feel so tremendous
There are guides and spirits all along the way
Who will befriend us.” Van Morrison

Today the Sun enters Leo and the Moon waxes full shortly thereafter at 0 degrees of Aquarius. One of the Chandra symbols associated with this degree is,”A woman strolling in a garden. She is unaware that she is being watched by elves.” This symbol speaks of the magic which surrounds us in everyday life which we may miss due to an overemphasis of logic and reason.There are very subtle energies at play now and the skies continue to be busy with planetary activity. It is best to be open to inspiration, new perceptions and the mysteries of the unknown.

Chandra quote from Ellias Lonsdale’s Inside Degrees, Van Morrison quote from his song, Checkin’ It Out