The Week Ahead

“Newness is the energy of the edge of chaos, the place where the familiar and the unexpected and unpredictable meet, the place of life and emergence.” David Spangler

When I was growing up I liked to spend a lot of time in the kitchen – I resonated with the mysterious alchemical surroundings : knives chopping, pots bubbling and bread rising in the oven. There was one kitchen appliance however that I had been warned about – the pressure cooker.

As a result I was wary of the rattling valve on top which contained the pressure of steam building up inside. I had been warned about the kind of explosion that could occur due to misuse or accident.

There are volatile energies for this upcoming week that remind me of the background noise of that valve rattling atop the pressure cooker.

In general tensions are building with the Pluto/Uranus square -exact on the 16th – and we are heading into Solar Eclipse on the Day of the Vernal Equinox- March 20. This week the Mars/Uranus influence is exact on March 11.

The old texts hold a number of warnings about Mars/Uranus but in my studies one of the most helpful things I have read is to watch the energy of your magnetic field that you do not attract volatile events – i.e. do not storm around angry or impatient under this influence. Provide more down time. Mars/Uranus is known for sudden, impulsive, erratic action and this can be accident prone – for yourself and on the part of others. Too much energy, too little awareness. Tempers and irritability can run high.

On a positive note Mars Uranus is known for is a sudden break for freedom which can come as the result of inner pressures building to a point where they become uncontainable. This can result in an unexpected moment of truth and also breakthroughs in areas that have felt stuck or stagnant. It is a time when we can suddenly land in territory that is new and that represents a sudden and unexpected advance.

It is a very powerful time when evolutionary leaps can occur in surprising ways if the energies are harnessed and implemented with clarity and consciousness.