The Jupiter Saturn Conjunction on the Winter Solstice

Some wise words from Ray Merriman, astrologer and stock market analyst.

“We are now heading to the start of the “Age of Aquarius,” and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on Monday, December 21, takes place at 0° Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces brought forth a savior who taught the importance of peace and love for one another, perfect Piscean values. Aquarius, on the other hand, is more worldly-oriented. It is a symbol of mankind, the
masses of the world, but it more scientific and technology-based than Pisces. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, known as “The Great Chronocrator,” has been looked upon in the past as a sign foretelling
the emergence of new world leaders, and a shift in the arc of human destiny.

Thus, to those who look to the heavens for guidance and who understand the relationship between cycles in human activity to cycles
in the cosmos, this is an important time in the evolution of humanity.

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