The Sun Moves into Leo and Venus into Virgo

“The universe is made up of stories, not atoms.” Muriel Rukeyser

“Some stories leave a trail of light behind them, meteor-like, so that much later when they strike our eyes, we may see their meaning like an aftereffect.”Eudora Welty

There are a number of aspects to Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer, in the beginning of the week. When Chiron is a prominent influence in the sky , it bodes well to take a look at the old stories we tell ourselves to see if they are in need of updating.

On Tuesday Mercury, the fleet footed god of thought and communication will be making a beneficial alignment with Uranus.   It  bodes well under his influence this week to heighten awareness as this duo is associated with sudden illumination, breakthroughs and revelations. These insights – which can occur with lightning speed – can shift perceptions into new, more liberated directions.

On Wednesday Venus departs the sign of Leo and enters Virgo.  This is a more pragmatic sign and the sign of healing and service. It bodes well for planning and attending to the details. The shadow side of this sign can tend towards being overly critical or judgmental.

Venus will be opposing Jupiter this week  indicating a time for fun and a sense of expansion- just keep moderation in mind as this duo can be associated with excess.

If you have been experiencing delays or difficulties in relationships or with financial matters , Venus moving into Virgo and away from the harsh aspect with Pluto will help straighten out things. Mars in Leo continues in the  harsh alignment with Pluto indicating an uptick in frustration. There’s a tendency for power plays and misdirected anger under this influence.

Thursday the Sun will enter the fiery sign of Leo – an excellent placement for this Sun. This opens up a time when creativity can flourish and fun is in the air. The card of the Sun in the Tarot deck depicts a small child riding bareback on a white horse. The child looks joyful and free and the horse is moving away from a tall cement wall. The wall represents things that constrict or limit us unnecessarily. Tall sunflowers grow behind the wall symbolizing happiness.

The Full Moon is on Friday evening  at 1 degree of Aquarius. The rulers of this full Moon are Saturn and Uranus. The Saturn/Uranus square which is the ongoing,  major alignment of the year, is about the need for  change and innovation and the resistance and push back to it. It speaks of both personal and planetary evolution.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”During a silent hour, a woman receives a new inspiration which may change her life.”


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