The Winter Solstice, the Full Moon and This Week’s Astrology

“You are not the oil, not the air- merely the point of combustion, the flash point where the light is born.” Dag Hammarskjold

“the lake is cold
the snows are sudden
the wild cherry bends
and winter’s a burden

in your hand I feel
spring burn in the bud.” Mary Mackey

It is another busy week in the starry heavens as we move up to the Winter Solstice Friday when the Sun enters Capricorn at 5:23 PM EST.  The Winter Solstice has been celebrated throughout time as the return of the light brings an end to the darkness of the season.

This week the Sun in Sagittarius is making a challenging aspect to Chiron, the asteroid of the Wounded Healer. At the same time Chiron is making a harmonious aspect to the South Node, newly in Capricorn. This indicates that processing and releasing pain from the past can lead to a clarified vision of your life path going forward. It can also lead to a new sense of freedom and more empowered sense of self.

The Sun in Sagittarius is making a harmonious aspect to Uranus, the planet of innovation and the future. This is a time which bodes well for embracing change and letting go of the past.

Venus is moving up to a harmonious aspect with Neptune indicating an idealistic time, a good time for romance and spiritual growth. Do be sure to integrate pragmatism as other planets signal that  hopes and expectations might be inflated or  unrealistically high.

The Moon waxes Full Saturday at 0 degrees of Cancer. The sign of Cancer can bring up issues related to home and family. Cancer and its opposite sign, Capricorn, are  both related to ancestry and ancestral inheritance – what comes down through the bloodlines. The Lunar Nodes entered these signs in November and will transit through them early 2020. The author and astrologer Lynn Bell has written about the significance of this, “It will be an excellent time to reckon with the ancestors, alive or dead, the emotional patterning that has invisibly bound us…Above all, we are called to care for our own integrity, to pay attention to the imperatives of soul. It is a potent time ahead.”

The Sabian symbol for the Winter Solstice is,”A Native American chief claims recognition and power from the assembled tribe.”

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