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“As we explore the crisis in the chrysalis, keep in mind that every one of us probably has the dying caterpillar and the emerging butterfly within us.” L. Robert Keck

“I forgot that love existed
And it strangled up my heart
Then I turned a brand new leaf

And made a brand new start.

If my heart could do my thinking
And my head begin to feel
I’d look upon the world anew
And I’d know what’s truly real.” Van Morrison


The week gets off to an interesting start. Just before the Sun enters the sign of Leo on Monday, it forms a Disseminating trine with the Moon. This harmonious blend of the watery signs of Cancer and Pisces brings about the blending of personal and transpersonal  energies – opening the door to a higher, more expansive perception. Under this  influence it possible to empathize with others about situations or relationships that were previously viewed from a purely subjective viewpoint.

The Sun enters the sign of Leo on Monday at 10:5 PM ushering in a season of joy, radiance, power and pride. It is a good time to emerge from the self protective shell of Cancer and engage with the powers of  passion and conviction. To be the best of who you are and show that to the world. It is a good time to be in touch with what empowers you and what brings joy into your life.

It’s also a good time to look at what is disempowering in your life in terms of your own attitudes and beliefs as well as your relationships with others. Some relationships can help us to expand and grow in a positive direction. Others, not so much so. There is guidance and support for moving  forward more freely and authentically now and  for disentangling yourself from unproductive dynamics.

The down side of Leo involves narcissism, excessive pride and the misuse of power.

Mars, the planet of drive and action, will be making a harmonious aspect to Jupiter in the fiery signs of Leo and Sagittarius. This aspect gives courage, enthusiasm, drive and determination to tasks.  It can lend optimism and support to advancing goals. It does have the tendency to “overshoot the mark” or function in an “over the top manner” so it’s wise to make sure there is a pragmatic, well thought out plan that grounds any  forward movement now. Blind spots and delays can occur otherwise as Mars moves up to an awkward aspect to Saturn.

Best to be intentional.

Venus will move out of Cancer into Leo on Saturday the 27th. This ushers in a good time for socializing, romance, creativity and fun.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A Greek muse weighing newborn twins in golden scales.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill









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