This Week’s Astrology Forecast

“The healing
that is ours and nature’s will come
If we are willing, if we are patient,
If we know the way, if we do the work.” Wendell Berry

“When we change inwardly we outgrow certain belief patterns and strengthen others. Evaluating our beliefs is a spiritual and biological necessity. Our physical bodies, minds and spirits all require new ideas in order to thrive.” Caroline Myss

The South Node in Capricorn has been transiting in close proximity to Pluto the god of transformation and rebirth for awhile now and this week the conjunction is exact, making this a significant time.

The South Node governs inherited tendencies that come down through the bloodlines. It also governs assumptions and behaviors that limit personal growth and evolution. Now in partnership with Pluto  those attitudes and beliefs can be seen and experienced with increased clarity. It’s a good time to look at thought patterns and assumptions in general -especially those that may have become overly rigid, restrictive or limited. It bodes well to look  at what’s standing in your way and disavow what is no longer necessary. Both the South Node and Pluto are associated with karma, destiny and evolution making this a potent time.

Feisty Mars, the god of energy and drive has moved into the sign of Gemini  and will transit this sign through most of the month of April. Mars likes to take action and this placement and can be restless and a bit scattered. It’s a good time for travel and activities that broaden your perspective. Communications can become more lively and interesting – given you are open to two sides of the story. Gemini is one of the signs of duality in astrology and it’s best to keep moderation and equilibrium in mind at this time as this nervy placement can be scattered,  impatient and  at times abrupt.

The lingering effects of the Mercury retrograde can still be in play this week as Neptune and Mercury meet up for the final time this round – a reminder that thinking can be foggy, it may be hard to discern truth from fiction or outright deception.  It bodes well to keep communications very clear.

The linear mind doesn’t operate as effectively with this influence but it is a very good time for spiritual pursuits, for meditation, intuition and artistic projects. This influence will be out of influence in a week or so.

One of the Sabian symbols for the Mars now is, “A glass bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill

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