Today’s First Quarter Moon in Taurus and Jupiter Sextiles Uranus

“We must create an environment in which change enlivens and enriches the individual, but does not overwhelm her.”Alvin Toeffler

“Together, astrological Jupiter and Uranus can bring faith, courage and an exploratory, expansive spirit to the service of breaking down limited or partial vision. They are productive of fun, joy, and a vital sense of connection with life as a meaningful and worthwhile experience. They carry with them ingenuity, creativity, imagination, and the ability to leap off the cliff like the Fool in the Tarot, trusting to life to bring them safely to land in new and exciting territory.” LIz Greene

At the first quarter Moon, challenges to desired new initiatives  can arise. Today’s First Quarter Moon is 19 degrees of Taurus squaring the Sun at 19 Aquarius. The earthy sign of Taurus – the sign of roots, stability and security, is challenging the Aquarius Sun which wants change and evolution.

Squares in astrology are dynamic and indicate the need to overcome something. So if you are contemplating change or evolution in your  life  now, check that the foundation of your plans is sturdy and that you have factored in perseverance, commitment  and stability through any transition and in the long haul.

We have been traveling through some serious astrological terrain for the past couple of weeks with Pluto conjunct Mercury and Saturn conjunct the Sun. Things are brightening now though, with Jupiter moving up to a sextile to Uranus – bringing a sense of optimism, innovation, expansion and happiness. This alignment is in effect now  makes its exact aspect 2/17 and will be in effect through 3/29 this winter. It will be in influence again in December and January 2023.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,” A new continent is rising out of the ocean.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hill


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