This Week’s Astrology with the New Moon in Taurus

“The act of perception is always open-ended and unfinished.” David Abram

Mercury is busy in the sky this week indicating it’s wise to be open to fresh insights and new ways of thinking. Mercury in Gemini is conjunct the North Node of Life Path and Destiny now shedding light on the road ahead. Do be open to guidance about the future.

The North Node in Gemini indicates it bodes well to move towards more flexibility in thinking and away from rigid perceptions.

With both Mercury and Mars aligning with Chiron there’s an opportunity to understand old wounds from new perspectives. It offers a good time to think about Mars related issues in our lives – how we direct and implement power, how we provide appropriate boundaries to move forward with our aspirations, how anger is managed.

The New Moon is Tuesday at 22 degrees of Taurus and at  this time the Moon will be aligning favorably with both Neptune and Pluto. This indicates  that the next month will be a good time to use the powers of creative visualization to access guidance about  how to effect the changes you’d like to make in your life.

This week Jupiter will enter the sign of Pisces for a short stay. Most of this transit will take place in 2022 as Jupiter will move direct until the Summer Solstice and then shortly thereafter move back into Aquarius. Jupiter in Pisces is a good time for enjoying friends and fun. It is also a good time for dreams , mystical experiences and creativity.

One of the Sabian symbols for this time is,”A white dove flying straight and fearlessly over troubled waters.”

Sabian symbol from Lynda Hil

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