Tuesday’s New Moon

We have this way of talking, and we have another.
Apart from what we wish and what we fear may happen,
We are alive with other life, as clear stones
Take form in the mountain. Rumi

“No pressure, no diamonds.” Thomas Carlyle

Tuesday’s New Moon is at 7 degrees of Sagittarius at 7:16 am EST. The asteroid of the Wounded Healer, Chiron is a strong influence in the sky at this time as are Uranus and Mercury. Everyone has Chiron somewhere in their astrology chart and its placement indicates where a lifelong journey towards wholeness takes place – a journey of wounding and healing.

New Moons offer a very good time for intention setting and for reaffirming intentions. There has been talk for years about a paradigm shift occurring Рboth individually and collectively and the timing is associated with this New Moon in particular. The paradigm shift has to do with a growth in individual consciousness which is connected to a global shift in consciousness through a process which develops over time. For sure there have been and will be critical points in this process and  significant challenges to be met.

On an individual level it is a good time to access what stories you carry about wounding in your own life and the effect they have had on you up to this point and to consider whether this threshold is an appropriate time to apply a new and innovative model to the way you think about them in order to move to a more evolved sense of integration and wholeness.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is,”Deep within the depths of the earth, new elements are being formed.”


sabian symbol quote from Lynda Hill


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