Uranus and Pluto Together Again

The Uranus/Pluto aspect – one of the ongoing major signs of our times – is moving up to an exact square on the 15th. This is the symbol governs surprising and sometimes shocking revelations which can undermine widely held perceptions. It has both a personal and planetary aspect to it.

On a personal level this aspect is associated with awakening – it can encourage us to deepen perceptions and move in a more evolved direction – not just in our personal aspirations but in our aspirations for the planet as a whole.

Eric Meyers – the noted astrologer and author- has written a great deal about the evolutionary threshold at which we stand. In a recent article in the Mt Astrologer he wrote, “We can choose to move beyond a preoccupation with our personal preferences and awaken to another dimension – one of soul connection to the intelligent flow of our lives.
At the Uranian level there is no need to move reflexively towards “positive” experiences or away from “negative” ones. Everything has evolutionary value and meaning and life itself continually serves as our greatest teacher.”